Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

I’m getting ready to play and show you guys as much as I can for this first episode because I’ve been waiting for this game for a long, long time and I’m sure you guys have been as well. Let’s see what this sticker shop’s all about, it’s flashing. These look like little packs of stickers that give me upgrades. Some of these packs came from a promotion that Prima Games was doing, I was Googling around this morning, and I found out they were giving away some sort of packs if you buy their guide. So okay, I’ll buy the guide, whatever, give me some packs.

Anyway, I like to play online slots at Casinoslots South Africa site, so I guess that’s gonna be acquired anyway but let’s go ahead and start off, I don’t wanna slow this down, let’s start off with this mode right here, which should, yeah, any, normal, public, I’m ready, I’m ready, this looks good. Let’s do invite only, maybe I can do this by myself, I don’t know. I really don’t know how this works. Or maybe, let’s just do a public, let’s get the full experience here. And let’s go, I’m ready.

Let’s see if anyone joins me, helps me out. I’m new, maybe we’ll get to experience what it’s like to play with other people, or we’ll just be alone. Either way is good with me, I’m just kind of learning the ropes anyway, I don’t wanna bring anyone down. I am super duper excited about this game, as you probably know.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this, oh, here we go, we’re going to Port Scallywag. You know, I’ve been playing Plants Vs Zombies for a long time and I played Plants Vs Zombies Two all the time right here on my channel and it’s my most popular series so, I’m really looking forward to this game. I love first person shooters in general and I love Plants Vs Zombies.

Put them together, hopefully, it goes together like peanut butter and jelly, this is gonna be awesome. The Peashooter, Chomper, let’s just be the Peashooter, ’cause let’s just start out with the basics here. And go.

A new ability, chili bean bomb. And I guess we’re gonna find out what it does here. And oh jeez.

That was a little more chaotic than I thought, I thought maybe they’d have to eat it first. Alright, see Crazy Dave. I can’t move, can I? I can’t do anything. The round is starting.

Am I the only one here for real? That’s okay. Who’s flying this thing, I don’t even know. Plant a garden, okay, oh my God, I don’t know what to do. Alright, here we go, the garden is this way.

Okay, can we run? Nope, okay. Oh, I planted the bean, did not mean to do that. Ow geez.

So the garden is this way, there’s a garden this way, too. Maybe I should have started before but, I have barrels, that’s cool. Alright, let’s see what this is all about. Plant a garden. I can do that, plant. I gotta hold it down to plant it.

Got it, prepare your defenses? No one told me that was part of the deal. Oh yeah, totally, I need, let’s put in, can I just choose any of these? Or no? They’re not, you know, they’re not the right color.

Let’s, cannot do anything. Okay, that’s okay. That’s okay ’cause I got nine pea cannons left, eight, okay. Where’s this so-called next wave? This is where I’m defending, right?

I mean, we’re good here, right? Oh my gosh, I probably gotta figure this out, hopefully, the zombies are coming. – [Voiceover] Coming! – [Zack] Where are they coming? Wave one. They’re over here.

Are they, what? I’m defending my garden from zombies, obviously. Oh, hey, there’s one.

Gotcha! Yeah! Oh, you know, I should have probably, hey woah!

Uh oh, I’m reloading. Okay, hey, come on, please don’t do that to my garden, please. So much action.

Alright, let me, can I plant something here yet? I cannot. You guys realize I can’t do anything yet. Alright, reload, oh hey, hey, whoa, watch out, I’m not as good with the Xbox controller as I am with my, what’s it called, a mouse and keyboard. Oh, it’s loading, don’t worry. My garden’s still healthy.

We’re good. After this round I’ll also check and see if my volume levels are correct. Next wave, I don’t want another wave. Alright, we’re good. Look we got a sign, we got choices.

Cannot plant anything yet? I don’t understand. Whatever, okay.

I feel like I’m doing something really dumb. Oh, holy moly. (plopping) Did I win something? Who is sniping me? This guy. I’m level two.

Hey, whoa, oh conehead guy. He lost his cone. Oh dear, this looks bad. Okay, I’m trying here.

My garden is taking a little bit of a pummeling. Alright, come on, come on. My team has been knocked out? Oh no.

What a horrible start. Game over, oh no. I gotta do way better. I gotta do way, way better.

So uh, yeah. Maybe I do need to play with other people. One of 10 waves defeated, oh my gosh, 10 waves? Yeah, there’s no way there. Um…

Cool stats, those aren’t very cool. Let me go back, let me leave the lobby, let me actually try to find a lobby, maybe we’ll be able to join someone there and not make a complete fool of myself. First I’m gonna make sure that my microphone volumes are good, I’ll be right back.

Alright guys, the volume levels should be okay, we’re gonna do a custom search, any map, normal difficulty for me, and we’re gonna search for a game, and see if anyone else here is gonna let me in, make me part of their team, I can play, have some fun, hopefully not lose, it will be me against the world. And eventually I should be able to take on all the zombies, I believe, I’m ready. Is this good, is this loading in?

If this is loading in, I’m good. Alright, Suburban Flats. Plant a garden and protect it from the zombies in the crazy day of returns.

When a fly, when flying the garlic drone always keep moving, your low health makes it easy to be taken out by a well placed hit. Alright, look at that gnome just lounging there in the lower left hand corner, that’s hilarious. Anyway, I’ll probably be the Peashooter again. Let’s go ahead and just choose him